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The feeling of motherly love

FRIGG Brand Story

FRIGG came into the world in year 2021. FRIGG is a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design, a pacifier that promotes health and wellness for little ones.

Our aspiration to create the best pacifier possible has made us think outside the box to bring something new and innovative to the pacifier market. Our dream was to create a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design, a pacifier that promote health and wellness for our little ones. With FRIGG we build a natural bond to children to make them feel safe and comforted, and to give them a feeling of motherly love.

FRIGG Story: The feeling of motherly love

Our brand DNA is all about providing what motherly love stands for: safe, healthy, and soothing choices for our little ones.

Our brand’s focus is motherly love. The inspiration comes from the Norse Mythology, and more specifically the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility called Frigg. Frigg fought to protect children at all costs, while providing them safety and comfort.

Her motherly love is the soul of our pacifiers, and this creates a natural bond between FRIGG and children. As long as FRIGG is a part of a child’s life, motherly love filled with safety and soothing comfort will always be present.

FRIGG Brand: Constant improvement of design and material choices

With FRIGG you are making a healthy and safe choice for your little one, in a world filled with unhealthy and unsafe alternatives. We constantly keep improving our FRIGG pacifiers in order to provide the safest and healthiest options for children. With thorough testing and innovative thinking, we make sure they will be safe to use without any kind of danger to our children.

With our FRIGG pacifiers we simply wish to stand out. And we do! With our innovative way of assembling our pacifiers. A simple 4-step process of connecting our FRIGG pacifier parts ensure that none of the materials suffer any kind of stress.

In order to always provide what’s best for our little ones we will never stop improving our design and material choices when producing FRIGG pacifiers.

FRIGG Story: A reflection of our nordic roots

Frigg, the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility, and her representation of motherly love, is the spirit of our FRIGG pacifiers. She has brought us back to our Nordic roots and made us appreciate them even more. With FRIGG we are showing our appreciation for our strong Nordic roots, as they are reflected in the design of our pacifiers. We have created a pacifier that embodies what Danish design is all about: first class functionality, uncompromising material choices and minimalistic, distinctive aesthetics.

FRIGG Brand: Part of a unique danish design tradition

In Denmark, we have a unique design tradition focusing on functionality and minimalism. With our FRIGG pacifiers we wish to carry on this tradition, while making them contemporary in order to fit right into the lives of modern families. Both Daisy, Rope, Moon Phase, Fairytale, Lucky and Butterfly have modern details that catch the eye of every modern mother. We have turned the classic design into an innovative one with modern twists. Our FRIGG pacifiers are 100% designed and made in Denmark (as the only pacifiers on the market) and little by little we get the opportunity to spread our Nordic roots around the world.