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A Danish love story

FRIGG Fairytale Pacifiers

The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and his world-renowned fairy tales are popular for a reason. He is best known for his fairy tales for children, but as they show insight in human psychology they also speak to the minds of adults. His work often contains an implicit criticism of society and inequality due to social status, often based on his own experiences.

His fairy tales are more than just a happy ending; they portray real moral lessons through characters. On the surface they amuse and in depth they amaze, which makes his fairy tales relevant for both children and adults.

His fairy tales create a special parent-child bond when parents read them aloud for their children, but they also build a universal language, which creates a bond between people around the world. His fairy tales are timeless and can be read and understood on different levels by everyone.

FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers are available in two sizes:
  • Size 1: Fairytale pacifiers nipple is 27 mm and is recommended for ages 0-6 months.

  • Size 2: Fairytale pacifiers nipple is 30 mm and is recommended for ages 6-18 months.

FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers are available with a nipple in medical grade silicone and natural rubber.

FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers – Inspired by 9 fairy tales

Our FRIGG Fairytale pacifier is inspired by 9 of his well-known fairy tales:

  • The Little Mermaid

  • The Princess and the Pea

  • The Snow Queen

  • The Ugly Duckling

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes

  • Thumbelina

  • Ole Lukoie

  • Clumsy Hans

  • The Little Match Girl

Each pacifier color is named by a fairy tale title which gives the pacifiers a touch of imagination.

Hans Christian Andersen’s paper cuttings

Hans Christian Andersen was not only an amazing storyteller; he was also very skilled with a scissor and carved the most beautiful motives in paper. The shape of the new FRIGG Fairytale is inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen’s paper cuttings, a little hand carved artwork with a heart motif at the center.

The 8 little hearts support the universality of his creative work; symbolizing love, the universal language of the world. This is the inspiration that lies within our FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers: They are approachable for everyone because love is a language, we can all speak and understand.

The enchanting FRIGG Fairytale Pacifiers

Soft, elegant colors that fit your style