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FRIGG Little Viking pacifiers - Meet the six colors
FRIGG collection

FRIGG Little Viking: Meet the six pacifiers

Introducing the Little Viking pacifier collection - a series of six pacifiers, each inspired by…
10/06/2024 Read More

Our Global Goals: There is no planet B

At FRIGG, we believe that the world is on loan. Current generations borrow the world…
14/03/2024 Read More

How to get your child to take a FRIGG pacifier

Introducing a FRIGG pacifier to your child can significantly contribute to their comfort and well-being.…
14/03/2024 Read More
FRIGG Pacifier - Spring 2024 Collection
FRIGG collection

FRIGG Spring Collection

The arrival of spring means rebirth of nature. A lot of plants and trees are…
04/03/2024 Read More
FRIGG collection

FRIGG Daisy x Queen Margrethe ll: A Royal Blossoming

After decades of grace on the throne, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has announced her…
11/01/2024 Read More

How to upcycle your child’s old FRIGG pacifiers

Upcycling is in for several reasons. In addition to the positive effects on the environment,…
04/12/2023 Read More

FRIGG Limited Autumn Collection: Hygge & Happiness

With our new FRIGG Limited Autumn Collection called ‘Hygge & Happiness’ we encourage you to…
10/11/2023 Read More

Wonder Weeks: Get to know the 10 developmental leaps

Children develop in spurts. Development can happen so quickly from one day to the next…
15/08/2023 Read More

How to keep your little one safe during the summer heat

When the hot summer months are upon us, our worrying parenting brains start to speculate…
09/08/2023 Read More

6 life hacks that give you extra energy in your day

Life as a parent of babies and toddlers is wonderful but also exhausting and hectic:…
20/07/2023 Read More

Why your new FRIGG pacifier is smaller than your old one

Are you wondering why your new FRIGG natural rubber pacifier is looking smaller than the…
18/07/2023 Read More

Hygge: The Danish Secret to Coziness and Happiness

When it comes to creating a cozy, content and happy life, Danish people swears by…
17/07/2023 Read More

FRIGG Limited Summer Collection: Tropical

Summer. So joyful, yet so fleeting. As the golden sun sets on another magical summer,…
30/06/2023 Read More

Children and harmful substances

Our children come into contact every day with a wide range of products that contain…
18/04/2023 Read More

FRIGG Summer Collection

Summer is the season of warm and long days with the shortest nights. We mainly…
31/03/2023 Read More

Why your baby is crying and what you can do about it

All babies cry. Crying is your baby’s way of telling you it needs comfort and…
14/03/2023 Read More

Different types of mothers and their influence on children

They are wonderful, one of a kind, and an essential part of a child’s life:…
21/02/2023 Read More

Why the father plays an important role in baby’s life

Throughout the pregnancy and in the hours after the birth, the mother has the direct…
09/02/2023 Read More

FRIGG pacifier nipple guide

“Which type of pacifier is the best one for my child?” is probably a question…
01/02/2023 Read More

Why a good night’s sleep is important for your child

Your baby needs equal parts of food, sleep, and love. As a parent, you can…
16/01/2023 Read More

Nordic nature: FRIGG’s endless source of inspiration

Change is an inevitable part of life: Change plays a significant role in the world…
02/11/2022 Read More

Benefits of sleeping with FRIGG Night pacifiers

When you become a parent, you will quickly learn that sleep is essential for your…
28/10/2022 Read More

FRIGG Fairytale: The meaning behind the 9 colors

FRIGG Fairytale is a pacifier inspired by the creative universe of the Danish author Hans…
05/09/2022 Read More

If your child bites through the FRIGG pacifier

If you notice bite marks on your child’s pacifier nipple, we recommend that you start…
31/08/2022 Read More

When to take your child’s FRIGG pacifier away

When a pacifier comes into a child’s life, its presence brings the ultimate soothing comfort.…
22/06/2022 Read More

Pacifier Trees – A Scandinavian Tradition

In Scandinavia we have always had a big fascination for trees. Old, beautiful, and magical…
02/06/2022 Read More

FRIGG Pacifiers: Natural Rubber vs. Medical Grade Silicone

FRIGG Pacifiers: Natural Rubber vs. Medical Grade Silicone Our FRIGG pacifiers are made with nipples…
01/06/2022 Read More

When to introduce your child to FRIGG pacifiers

A pacifier comforts and gives your child a piece of mind. It strengthens your child’s…
01/04/2022 Read More

6 things that shorten your FRIGG pacifier’s shelf life

During the pacifier’s short life, it is scalded, chewed, tugged, thrown on the ground, and…
10/03/2022 Read More

FRIGG is the proud sponsor of The Danish Hospital Clowns

“Danish Hospital Clowns” is a non-profit organization with one important mission: To strengthen the spirit…
02/03/2022 Read More

When to replace your FRIGG pacifier

If you take good care of your child’s pacifier and replace it in time, you…
03/01/2022 Read More

How to clean your FRIGG pacifier

Our pacifiers need a proper amount of care in order to protect our little ones…
03/01/2022 Read More