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Almo Sil

Our supplier of silicone and latex nipples for FRIGG pacifiers

The company Almo Sil was founded in Hobro, Denmark in 2020 by the married couple Kent and Kirsten Hansen.

At Almo Sil, they are experts in latex and silicone production, especially of nipples for pacifiers. In fact, they are the only manufacturer in Denmark producing elements in latex. They make a virtue of making products of the highest quality, which are 100% produced in Denmark. That is why they regularly check all products, and they are tested to handle at least twice what they are approved for. Additionally, in 2022, they got certified with the ISO9001:2015, which ensures that their products meet international safety standards.

At the same time, it also means a lot to them that the production processes and products are sustainable, which is why they are constantly working to improve, while focusing on several of the Global Goals. In addition, they also test the end product themselves in their own laboratory, where they are subjected to several different tests in relation to which substances they contain, but also tear strength and durability at different temperatures.

Almo Sil produces latex and silicone nipples for our FRIGG pacifiers, and we are happy and proud of our collaboration with them.


Latex is considered a sustainable material since the life cycle of a tree is 32 years. When a tree turns seven years old, the liquid latex can be harvested twice a day for the next 25 years.

When the tree can no longer be used, it is cut down and the remaining wood is used for production of rubber wood furniture. Thereby the life cycle is sustainable and the product 100% natural.


The journey of our FRIGG latex pacifier begins with its primary raw material – natural rubber latex. This substance is derived from the sap of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis), which are native to South America but now predominantly grown in Southeast Asia. The process starts with tapping, where skilled workers make careful cuts into the tree’s bark, allowing the milky white liquid latex to flow out and be collected in containers. Once collected, the liquid latex is transported to Almo Sil where it undergoes a coagulation process before it is ready to be molded into nipples for FRIGG pacifiers.


In addition to natural rubber (latex), we also use medical grade silicone for our FRIGG pacifier nipples. The material is 100% free from harmful and hormone-disrupting substances such as BPA, PVC, and phthalates, and does not cause allergic reactions or irritations to the skin. This makes medical grade silicone a safe choice, especially when used in products for children. Furthermore, medical grade silicone is known for its flexibility, durability, resistance to heat/cold and UV rays, which makes it a suitable material for FRIGG pacifiers.