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With a touch of royal heritage

FRIGG Daisy Pacifiers

FRIGG Daisy pacifiers with scalloped edges mimics one special flower: The Daisy. Denmark, the Scandinavian country known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history, has chosen the humble yet charming Daisy as its national flower. A flower that embellishes the grass fields all over Denmark during summer. The simplicity and resilience of Daisies reflect Denmark’s appreciation for nature’s understated elegance and strength.

The Daisy is characterized by its delicate white petals surrounding a bright yellow center. The name ‘Daisy’ derives from ‘day’s eye’, referring to the wildflower’s tendency to open when the sun rises and close when it sets. The flower symbolizes purity and innocence, which makes the cute little flower the perfect inspiration behind our comforting pacifiers for little ones.

In Denmark, the Daisy flower holds significant historical value. The Danish name for Daisy is “Marguerite” which resembles the name of the former Queen of Denmark (Margrethe ll). Moreover, she has often been affectionately referred to as ‘Daisy’. Hence, the Daisy flower not only symbolizes natural beauty but also royal heritage in Denmark.

FRIGG Daisy pacifiers is available in two sizes:
  • Size 1: Daisy pacifier nipple is 27 mm and is recommended for ages 0-6 months.

  • Size 2: Daisy pacifier nipple is 30 mm and is recommended for ages 6-18 months.

FRIGG Daisy Pacifiers is available with a nipple in medical grade silicone and natural rubber.

The blooming FRIGG Daisy pacifier design

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FRIGG Daisy pacifier
FRIGG Daisy pacifier