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There is a Viking in every child

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifiers

Children and Vikings share more characteristics than you could imagine; they both have curiosity, bravery, and the love for storytelling in common.

Children are naturally curious and brave beings; they love to explore their surroundings and learn about the world around them. Similarly, Vikings were renowned explorers who passed through vast oceans in search of new lands and experiences.

Lastly, both children and Vikings share a deep love for storytelling. Children enjoy hearing stories filled with adventure and fantasy before bedtime; it sparks their imagination like nothing else. Meanwhile, Norse mythology reveals that storytelling was integral within Viking culture; tales of gods like Thor or Odin were passed down generations orally long before they were ever written down.

FRIGG Little Viking pacifiers are available in two sizes:
  • Size 1: Little Viking pacifier nipple is 27 mm and is recommended for ages 0-6 months.

  • Size 2: Little Viking pacifier nipple is 30 mm and is recommended for ages 6-18 months.

FRIGG Little Viking pacifiers are available with a nipple in medical grade silicone and natural rubber.

FRIGG Little Viking – Round shield with Fehu rune

Vikings, also called Norsemen, are particularly prominent within Norse Mythology. The Vikings hailed from the Scandinavian regions of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark during the Viking Age (793-1066 CE). They were not only fierce warriors but also explorers, traders, and settlers.

In Norse Mythology, Vikings held deep respect for their gods and goddesses, and they influenced every aspect of their life – from their daily activities to their voyages across the sea. The Vikings believed that they shared a special bond with the gods.

As a tribute to Norse mythology, including the Norse Goddess Frigg who is the inspiration behind our brand, our Scandinavian roots, and the many exciting stories about the Vikings, we have created the Little Viking collection. The pacifier shield is highly inspired by the Vikings’ round shields, decorated with the Fehu symbol from the runic alphabet. Fehu is associated with fruitfulness and fertility, abundance, and spiritual wealth.

Little Viking is made to protect and give security to the little curious and brave Vikings of the world.

The Little Viking collection consists of 6 pacifiers

Our FRIGG Little Viking pacifier is inspired by 6 well-known figure from the Viking Age:

  • Ragnar

  • Bjorn

  • Knud

  • Holger

  • Sigrid

  • Harald

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifiers

The brave FRIGG Little Viking Pacifiers

Soft, elegant colors that fit your style

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Ragnar pacifier color
FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Bjorn pacifier color
FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Knud pacifier color
FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Holger pacifier color
Frigg Little Viking Pacifier - Sigrid pacifier color
FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Harald pacifier color