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An innovative lock system: Click-lock®

Innovative thinking is our mission

Brilliant innovation with a small click – a groundbreaking improvement!

At FRIGG, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our pacifiers to provide what’s best for our little ones. That is our mission – and our goal.

Thanks to innovative thinking and amazing technology we have come up with a new and smarter way to assemble our FRIGG pacifiers. A way that allows the 5 different FRIGG pacifier parts to be assembled with a mere click, using no force at all. This makes our pacifier more durable than it was before.

It’s all in the ‘click’

Firstly, the nipple enters the shield, afterwards our new lock system Click-lock® is inserted into the nipple. The FRIGG pacifier base and the handle are then connected and lastly the two parts are put together. When our pacifier is fully assembled, the sound of a ‘click’ will be the finishing touch.

The ‘click’ becomes the sound of the safe and innovative new FRIGG pacifier.

Stressless assembly with 4-steps

This simple 4-step process of connecting our FRIGG pacifier parts ensures that none of the materials will suffer any kind of stress such as high pressure, hard pulls, or pushes.

This stressless assembly process changes the way pacifiers have been put together for years. This differentiates our FRIGG pacifier from any other pacifier on the market and makes FRIGG a safer choice for our children.