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Little Green Choices

Our purpose

Safety through health and security

A healthy start in life where you can be sure that the things you surround
your children with are not dangerous or harmful to them.

Good terms of employment where you as an employee can securely focus
on your work and on contributing to the good everyday life for children.

Learning through experiences and play

It is important that it feels like an experience to choose our brands and
products. The products are more than functionality – they also encourage

We require our employees to take part in the “play”. All good ideas emerge
when we give them a free run, and we welcome any idea for the good
everyday life with children.

Well-being through equality and relationships

Everyday life for children should be in an environment that encourages
everyone’s well-being. Our brands and products are designed to make it
easy to focus on the relationship rather than the chores.

We believe that all human beings are equal – also in our organizations.

Every employee counts and every employee carries out the most
important job.

Quality through thoroughness and innovation

With our brands and products we wish to teach children to appreciate
quality and durability and inspire them and future generations to minimize
the “use and throw away” behavior.

All employees contribute to the high quality of our brands and products.

The Global Goals

In FB Group we believe that the world is on loan. Current generations borrow the world from future generations.

Therein lies a responsibility to take good care of it. It does not make sense to provide a safe and healthy childhood for our children if the world in which the children are going to live is not working well from neither a biological, structural nor social point of view.

We want to give back to the world that we live in.

We want to contribute to ensuring that there is a world for the children to inherit.

Global Goal No. 3:
Good Health and Well-being

Our modest contribution to Global Goal 3 focuses on: 

  • Providing good nutrition from the beginning of a child’s life. 
  • Avoiding dangerous chemicals. 
  • Maintaining high hygiene standards. 

We emphasize the importance of proper pacifier techniques, as scientific evidence shows that pacifiers can either complicate or facilitate breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a crucial source of proper nutrition for infants, providing security, well-being, and building relationships for the child. Our products are designed to promote proper pacifier techniques and enhance the conditions for breastfeeding. 

Avoiding dangerous chemicals in our products is a priority, while constantly seeking opportunities to improve. 

High hygiene is a significant concern for us. We design products with durability, robustness, and daily cleanliness in mind, making it easy for users to maintain cleanliness.

Global Goal No. 8:
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our modest contribution to Global Goal 8 focuses on: 

  • Providing decent employment conditions. 
  • Promoting an inclusive job market. 
  • Eliminating forced child labor. 

We ensure our employees have proper conditions, complying with legal and contractual requirements. We prioritize a healthy work environment that enhances the mental and physical well-being of our employees. Offering nutritious lunches, massages, and health and dental insurance is part of our commitment. 

In Denmark, we utilize the flex-job scheme for individuals with reduced physical or mental capabilities. We also create opportunities for young people in the workforce, aiming for 5-10% of our workforce to include individuals requiring special conditions. 

We do not engage in forced child labor. If active in countries with different regulations on child labor than Denmark, we only collaborate with those following UN guidelines for ethical child labor.

Global Goal No. 12:
Responsible Consumption and Production

Our modest contribution to Global Goal 12 focuses on: 

  • Minimum waste. 
  • Combating the throwaway culture. 
  • Sustainability in production materials. 
  • Danish production. 

In our Danish production, we strive to generate as little waste as possible, collecting and recycling leftover materials. We prioritize product durability and robustness to minimize the throwaway culture. 

We constantly explore ways to enhance sustainability in our product materials. Despite many of our products being plastic-based, we aim to reduce new plastic production by exploring new possibilities. 

All our production processes find place in factories in Denmark.

Learn more about our suppliers of FRIGG pacifier shields and nipples here!

Global Goal No. 17:
Partnerships for the Goals

Our modest contribution to Global Goal 17 focuses on: 

  • Partnerships with knowledge organizations. 
  • Collaboration with NGOs. 
  • Partnerships with politically governed organizations. 

We collaborate with the ‘Cancer Society’ (Kræftens Bekæmpelse), participating in their ‘Support the Breasts’ (Støt Brysterne) campaign and the ‘Children Do Not Get Cancer’ (Børn får ikke kræft) campaign. This collaboration is based on their continuous provision of new knowledge about cancer and the connection between cancer and nutrition. 

We aim to initiate a partnership with a children’s hospice due to their extensive knowledge of what works well in a child’s life when everyday life becomes difficult. 

Supporting the ‘Danish Hospital Clowns’ (De Danske Hospitalsklovne), we believe laughter is essential for children, helping them forget their troubles and making daily life a bit easier. 

We seek to strengthen partnerships with politically governed organizations. Collaborating with children’s hospital departments, we contribute our expertise in pacifiers, pacifier technique, and breastfeeding while gaining insights from the department’s knowledge.  

We also support Skejby Hospital, located in Aarhus, Denmark, with toys and have sent pacifiers to victims in Ukraine, aiming to expand such collaborations.