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FRIGG is the proud sponsor of The Danish Hospital Clowns

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MARCH 02 - 2022

FRIGG is the proud sponsor of The Danish Hospital Clowns

“Danish Hospital Clowns” is a non-profit organization with one important mission: To strengthen the spirit of children throughout their hospitalization.

The Danish Hospital Clowns develop a special connection to the children. They become that solid, reassuring, strong and supporting individual when anxiety and sadness hit. They spread a vast amount of happiness and make hope flourish when struggles are difficult to overcome, hope flourishes and celebration are in order.
The Danish Hospital Clowns is a safe hand to hold when hospital life hurts and the presence needed, when life is lived.

At FRIGG, we are proud to share, that we have decided to become the proud sponsor for The Danish Hospital Clowns. We wish to contribute to the strengthening of children’s spirits and well-being when staying in a hospital.

FRIGG puts children first! Fundamentally we believe in the healing power of laughter, love, and never-ending smiles and therefore it makes perfect sense for us to support an organization that puts every child’s health, both physical and psychological, first.

FRIGG is highly inspired by Frigg, the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility, who was best known for her dedication to her children. Frigg’s representation of motherly love is the spirit of our FRIGG pacifiers.

Our mission to bring safety, joy, and bliss to children and their parents will reach further with our sponsorship of the Danish Hospital Clowns.