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Nordic nature: FRIGG’s endless source of inspiration

By 02/11/2022February 14th, 2024No Comments
NOVEMBER 02 - 2022

Nordic nature: FRIGG’s endless source of inspiration

Change is an inevitable part of life: Change plays a significant role in the world around us, including those occurring in nature. Without change, the cycle of life gets disrupted, and the seasonal changes won’t take place. Every time change occurs in life, in nature, a transitional journey begins. Every journey is beautiful in its own way, and each seasonal shift brings us something unique and teaches us that change is necessary. 

At FRIGG, we embrace change as a gift and as a continuous source of inspiration. We are deeply inspired by our Nordic nature and its seasonal changes. In this blog post you will learn more about how our FRIGG colors are influenced by nature and its four seasons. 


Fall is the season after summer when leaves start to fall from the trees. It’s also the season when days get shorter and colder, and everything in nature turns brown, red, and yellow. Those are the main colors of fall, and they bring us a sight of beauty when we enter the woods. Rainy, foggy days are an inseparable part of this season, but on some days, you can luckily get a glimpse of a beautiful light that will only increase the beauty of the colorful fall season. 

Our FRIGG Fall colors: Cappuccino, Honey Gold, Portobello, Peach Bronze, Olive, Baked Clay.


Winter comes after fall, and it’s the season with the shortest days and the lowest temperatures. We associate winter with snow, ice, and darkness so naturally white, grey, and black are the main colors of this season. There’s something beautiful about frozen nature, especially on those days the sunlight hits; then everything sparkles and gets a magical touch: A true winter wonderland suddenly appears.

Our FRIGG Winter colors: Cream, Silver Gray, Jet Black, Bright White, French Grey, Graphite.


Spring is the season after winter when days become longer and the weather warmer. The arrival of spring means rebirth of nature. A lot of plants and trees are growing, and new, bright green leaves start to appear, bringing fresh colors into our lives. Flowers are bursting into bloom, and their amazing smell in the air make us fall in love with the beauty and freshness of spring.

Our FRIGG Spring colors: Sage, Blush, Powder Blue, Soft Lilac, Pink Cream, Cedar.


Summer comes after spring, and it’s the season of warm and long days with the shortest nights. We associate summer with the sun and the beach, so naturally yellow and blue are the main colors of this season. The nature is full of bright colors, and everything is flourishing; plants and trees are giving fruits and flowers are blooming in different color shades. During summer the sun shines so bright and lights up our mood and energy; we call it the season of happiness.

Our FRIGG Summer colors: Pale Daffodil, Glacier Blue, Stone Blue, Ocean View, Lily Pad, Powder Blush.