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Why your baby is crying and what you can do about it

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MARCH 14 - 2023

Why your baby is crying and what you can do about it

All babies cry. Crying is your baby’s way of telling you it needs comfort and care. In this blog post you will get to know some of the reasons behind the crying and how you can soothe your crying baby.

The most common reasons for crying

Crying is the only way your baby can tell you that something is wrong. Sometimes it will be easy to figure out what your baby wants and sometimes it will not. So, what could be the reason why your child is crying?

  • Hunger

  • A dirty diaper

  • A burp is stuck

  • Being too hot or cold

  • Tiredness

  • Wanting a cuddle

  • Boredom

  • Overstimulation

  • Colic*

How to calm your crying baby

It’s a fact that when you respond to your baby’s crying, it will learn that it is heard which increases the chance that it will cry less as time passes. Your child will start to trust you, so it is a good thing to react to your baby’s crying with comfort and care.

Here are some ways to calm your baby:

  • If you are breastfeeding, let your baby suckle at your breast

  • Use a FRIGG pacifier, a cuddle cloth or a blanket as a comforter

  • Hold your baby or use a baby wrap for closeness. Move gently and sway while talking or singing to your baby

  • Rock your baby back and forth in the pram

  • Stroke your baby’s back firmly and rhythmically while holding them against you or lying face downwards on your lap

  • Massage your baby gently and firmly, and talk soothingly as you do it

  • Try a warm bath

NB: Never shake your baby, no matter how frustrated you feel about the crying. Shaking moves the baby’s head violently and can cause brain damage.

*Excessive crying could be a sign of colic. The crying can go on for hours. There may be little you can do about it, except try to comfort your baby and wait for the crying to pass.