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FRIGG Limited Summer Collection: Tropical

By 30/06/2023February 14th, 2024No Comments
JUNE 30 - 2023

FRIGG Limited Summer Collection: Tropical

Summer. So joyful, yet so fleeting. As the golden sun sets on another magical summer, we can’t help but feel a bit of sadness as the fleeting summer moments become cherished memories; memories that are truly reminding us to embrace every moment under the warm rays of sunshine.

We have made a Limited Summer Collection as a tribute to the joyful, yet fleeting summer. Don’t forget to enjoy it while it’s here.

Introducing our 2-pack combinations for the summer!

Flower Power set: Fuchsia & Sunflower

‘Fuchsia’ is inspired by the plant with the same name. Fuchsia blooms happily and freely in the sun all summer. The plant with the powerful colors fascinates with its elegance and leaves a unique mark on nature during summer.

‘Sunflower’ is inspired by the classic yellow sunflower with a large daisy-like flower face and a brown center. The sunflower thrives in full sun, and requires long, warm summers to flower well. It is well-known for being a happy, positive flower that spreads joy.

The Flower Power set consists of FRIGG Daisy in the color ‘Fuchsia’ and FRIGG Rope in the color ‘Sunflower’.

Jungle set: Rain Forest & Waterfall

‘Rain Forest’ is inspired by the home of more than half of the world’s plants and animal species. Rain forests, the green paradises, are brimming with life; from towering trees that reach for the skies to vibrant orchids that add a splash of color. The breathtaking green rain forests are a true magical wonder.

‘Waterfall’ is inspired by the enchanting beauty of waterfalls. The captivating waterfalls are elegant and powerful at the same time, and as they carve their path through forests, they create breathtaking scenes that leave us overwhelmed. The visual pleasure and soothing sounds of waterfalls allows us to connect with nature on a deeper level.

The Jungle set consists of FRIGG Rope in the color ‘Rain Forest’ and FRIGG Rope in the color ‘Waterfall’.