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FRIGG Little Viking: Meet the six pacifiers

FRIGG Little Viking: Meet the six pacifiers

Introducing the Little Viking pacifier collection – a series of six pacifiers, each inspired by a legendary figure from the Viking Age.

These pacifiers are more than just soothing elements for children; they are miniature tributes to some of the most iconic and influential personalities in Viking history. From fearless warriors and powerful kings to proud queens and heroic figures of folklore, each pacifier carries the legacy of its namesake.

Get to know the remarkable figures whose names grace the Little Viking pacifier collection!

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Ragnar pacifier color

Inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok, a famous Viking figure whose name has echoed through history. Ragnar is often depicted as a fearless warrior and revered king who led several raids against England and France during the Viking Age.

He was said to be descended from Odin, the chief god in Norse mythology, which could explain his extraordinary abilities.

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Bjorn pacifier color

Inspired by Bjorn Ironside, the legendary Swedish king and son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

He was renowned for the raids he led on France, England and along the mediterranean coastline. Known for his strength and courage, he was one of the most famous Viking leaders and left a significant mark on the annals of history.

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Knud pacifier color

Inspired by Canute the Great (‘Knud den Store’ in Danish), a notable Viking and prominent king of Denmark, England, and Norway in the early 11th century.

Canute the Great is remembered for his successful unification of these regions into a powerful North Sea Empire, his effective and stable rule, and his efforts to integrate his diverse territories. His reign marked a significant period of prosperity and influence in Viking history.

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Holger pacifier color

Inspired by Ogier the Dane (‘Holger Danske’ in Danish), a heroic figure who embodies the spirit of Denmark, rooted deeply in Danish folklore.

According to legend, Ogier the Dane is currently sleeping in the Kronborg Castle cellar in Helsingør; however, he will awake when Denmark is threatened by enemies.

Frigg little viking pacifier - Sigrid pacifier color

Inspired by Sigrid the Haughty (‘Sigrid Storråda’ in Old Norse), who is associated with the Viking Age. Sigrid is believed to have been a powerful Scandinavian queen. Her reputation as “the Haughty” comes from her reputedly proud and unyielding character.

She famously rejected a marriage proposal from Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway, due to his demand for her conversion to Christianity. This rejection sparked a tale of vengeance, as Sigrid later played a role in the alliance against Olaf, contributing to his downfall. Her legacy highlights the influential roles women held in Viking society, particularly in politics and leadership.

FRIGG Little Viking Pacifier - Harald pacifier color

Inspired by Harald Bluetooth who ruled over Denmark and Norway during the 10th century. He was renowned for his efforts to unify Danish tribes into one kingdom under his rule and he played an influential role in spreading Christianity throughout Scandinavia.

The Bluetooth technology we use today was named after him as an homage to his unifying skills since this technology allows different devices to connect seamlessly.