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FRIGG Daisy x Queen Margrethe ll: A Royal Blossoming

By 11/01/2024March 12th, 2024No Comments
JANUARY 11 - 2024

FRIGG Daisy x Queen Margrethe ll:
A Royal Blossoming

After decades of grace on the throne, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has announced her decision to retire, closing a chapter of Danish history that will be remembered for its elegance and strength. The queen’s abdication brings forth not just a transition in royal leadership but also invites us to reflect on the symbolic link between The Queen of Denmark and Denmark’s cherished flower, the daisy, which is the whole inspiration behind the FRIGG Daisy pacifier.

The FRIGG Daisy pacifier encapsulates the essence of Queen Margrethe II – a perfect blend of regality, warmth, and natural beauty. It is a tribute to a sovereign who has not only ruled with grace but has also embraced the joys of motherhood and family, making the pacifier a fitting choice for parents who seek the best for their little ones, inspired by the royal touch of Denmark’s beloved queen.

As Denmark’s first female monarch under the new Act of Succession, Queen Margrethe II brought with her an air of modernity while upholding the traditions deeply rooted in Danish culture. Over her reign spanning more than half a century she became affectionately known as “Daisy” among Danes.

The name “Daisy” is not merely an endearing nickname; it holds layers of symbolism reflecting Queen Margrethe and her reign. The daisy flower stands for innocence, purity, new beginnings —and most fittingly for royalty. Much like this humble yet resilient bloom that graces Danish fields and gardens alike with its simple beauty throughout springtime, Queen Margrethe’s tenure has been characterized by resilience through changing times while maintaining genuine connections with her people.

We honor our ‘Queen Daisy’ for all she represented during these many seasons: love, grace, and stability. Now let us celebrate her journey wishing peace and tranquility years ahead!