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FRIGG collection

FRIGG Spring Collection

By 04/03/2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

FRIGG Spring Collection

The arrival of spring means rebirth of nature. A lot of plants and trees are growing, and new, bright green leaves start to appear, bringing a burst of fresh energy. Flowers are bursting into bloom, and their amazing smell in the air make us fall in love with the beauty of spring.

In celebration of this lively season, we introduce 3 new FRIGG Spring Colors:
FRIGG Daisy Pacifier - Poppy

FRIGG Daisy: Poppy

The poppy flower with its delicate, papery petals is the inspiration behind this new FRIGG color: a beautiful and bold red shade. The vibrant poppy flower is the essence of enchanting beauty, and it brings a unique charm to the FRIGG Daisy pacifier.

FRIGG Daisy Pacifier - Lupine

FRIGG Daisy: Lupine

The lupine flower with towering spikes adorned with clusters of pea-like flowers is a true visual delight and the inspiration behind this new FRIGG color: a very pretty purple pastel shade. The fascinating lupine flower brings a touch of captivating beauty to the FRIGG Daisy design.

FRIGG Rope pacifier in Green Tea

FRIGG Rope: Green Tea

Green Tea, which is originating from the Camellia sinensis plant, and cherished for its delicate flavor across various cultures, is the inspiration behind this new FRIGG color: a bright green shade that adds a touch of luck, optimism, and freshness to the FRIGG Rope pacifier.

Each color encapsulates the spirit of spring and invites you to infuse your world with a renewed sense of joy.